2013 m. rugsėjo 29 d., sekmadienis

Prasideda IT'S SO YOU projektas!

“It‘s So You“ is a project of “Youth Initiatives” , which unites young people from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Finland. The promoters of the project are girls: students and young professionals, who see the need of deepening the understanding of the identity and the role of woman in the society. Planned activities will help them and other students to get to know themselves better, to develop successful relationships with others and to feel comfortable in the world of professional work, as well as to grow in creativity and entrepreneurship.

Project will be developed from August of 2013 till July of 2014. Methodology will be based on lectures and practical seminars by specialists of different fields, discussions, film-forums, team work, etc., which will take place in Vilnius, Riga, Tallinn and Helsinki.
Participants will analyze three main themes: 1) Woman’s identity and image (psychology, body language, elegance, etiquette and etc.); 2) Woman through the perspective of relationship with a man (solidarity, equality and complementarities between men and women, being a successful couple, etc.); 3) Woman’s role in a family and society (entering the professional world, combining family and career). In January, a meeting of the participants from all four countries will be held in Tallinn, in order to share their experiences and deepen the understanding of of image, communication and beauty together.

Šis projektas finansuojamas remiant  Europos Komisijai. 

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